Here’s what we’ve got:

  • Just under a quarter acre plot
  • Zone 6a, in eastern Massachusetts
  • Mostly sloped, rocky, and shady
  • Small flat area behind the house with perennials, two 4’x8′ raised veg beds, and some lawn. Just barely enough sun for veg.
  • Slope up from there, covered mostly with pennsylvania sedge (yay!)
  • Beyond that, small woods with decent number of big trees. These woods connect (via a couple of other properties) to the Whipple Hill Conservation Area. This I hope to turn into a native woodland garden.
  • In front of the house, bunch of generic shrubs planted way too close to the foundation. One enormous yew. Huge it is.
  • And beyond the front yard, steep slope down to the street. This is covered in overgrown junipers and yews. By the street there’s about every kind of invasive crap you could ask for except japanese knotweed (which is lurking down the street, waiting for its chance)