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Pics taken on Nov 15, but I’m just now getting around to posting.

small tree with red-orange foliage in front of rocky outcrop
Native cherry, rock

Gray-brown fluffy seed heads
The seed heads of those pale purple wild asters I’ve posted before.

closeup of red leaves with yellow edges and some insect damage
Highbush blueberry fall color

Large puffy seed heads
Seed heads of new england aster, with switchgrass in background.

Yellow flopping asparagus fronds
You don’t think of asparagus as having fall color, but…

small shrub with bright orange-yellow foliage
My new-this-year fothergilla. The color lived up to its billing.

cluster of yellow ornamental grass with the bright shrub in background
The picture didn’t do this combo justice.

plant with purple-black berries and spotted foliage
The viburnum berries have fully turned and have been hit by frost. Remains to be seen whether the birds will eat them.

Catching up on these…
Not a ton this month. The season has turned slowly this year, and looking out the window I see more green leaves than not. But…

multicolored oak leaves on background of asphalt
These fell from the neighbors’ oak tree onto our driveway.

deep purple aster with yellow center
New England aster “purple dome”

cluster of pink and blue berries
The viburnum nudum berries keep turning. The next question is, will the birds eat them?

pale purple asters
The wild asters are still going.

tangle of red virginia creeper vine
Virginia creeper turned early.

red-yellow virginia creeper leaves against a fence in dappled light
Afternoon light.

pumpkins and rust-red mums on front steps
The obligatory.

Here’s a plant I definitely want for the garden:

This is purple milkweed, asclepias pupurascens. It’s an endangered species in Massachusetts. I took this pic in the rare plants area at Garden in the Woods. Although endangered, it looks like it’s possible it get purple milkweed commercially, at least as seed. One day, if I have my way, a bunch of these will replace one of my many stands of orange daylilies.