Can I just start by saying how utterly miserable this winter has been? Yes, I’m probably the only person who feels this way, and I know, last winter was difficult. But right now I feel totally disconnected from the seasonal cycle; how am I supposed to await the coming of spring when it’s already been here for months? It’s disorienting and really unpleasant.

Anyhow, the December and January state of the gardens didn’t happen. And nothing’s blooming outside in my garden (though I hear tell of snowdrops in nearby vicinities), so for actual flowers you’ll have to be satisfied with houseplants.

closeup of purple african violets
African violets doing pretty well in eastern-facing window.

tiny, pale purple rosemary flower
Rosemary flower – only one on the plant.

small green bud-like protrusions on bay tree
Is my bay tree going to flower? This looks like a bud, and there are a few others on the plant. It’s never bloomed before. I was planning to repot it later this spring, but if it’s happy enough to flower in the pot it’s in now, maybe best leave it alone?

cluster of white daffodil-shaped flowers
I forced paperwhites this year. Dead easy. It was supposed to be an antidote to winter if we got one like last year….

tiny green buds emerging from a rosette of green leaves
I overwintered a primrose! That’s never happened before. I’ve had this since last March, and I think those little nubs coming up from the center are going to be flower stalks. Should I fertilize, I wonder? (I’m pretty clueless about fertilizing – my outdoor plants get by on compost and manure, and my houseplants just get water.)

sliver of yellow emerging from forsythia bud among cut branches in a vase
A couple of weeks ago I cut some forsythia for forcing. Sitting in a south-facing window, these ones are the furthest along.

tall flower stalk coming out of pot
I’m also forcing one amaryllis. Not quite as easy as the paperwhites, but not difficult either (I should really wait till it blooms to say that).

cluster of green daffodil shoots coming out of leaf litter
Moving outside now, tons of bulbs are up. These are daffodils. Last year they bloomed in April. This year…?

swelling buds of lilac

swelling buds of quince
Swelling buds of lilac and quince.

lots of green shoots emerging from straw mulch
Lastly, my garlic. I planted a whole 4’x8′ bed of garlic last fall at 4 plants per sq ft; here is the result.