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I have two children napping at the same time! So, some pictures of developing vegetables:

tiny unripe tomato on plant
Black krim tomato in the making. Last year all our tomatoes were eaten by squirrels before they had a chance to ripen. Hoping for better this year.

tiny oblong green pumpkin
Long pie pumpkin in the making, maybe. Last year these plants formed several fruits, most of which dried up and fell off.

tiny unripe plum tomatoes
Monica plum tomatoes to be.

top-down view of cabbage
Caraflex mini-conical cabbage. This is about ready to harvest, I think.

small onion sticking up from soil
Copra onions pushing up out of the soil. Hope they’ll get bigger – they’re supposed to…

top-down view of broccoli head
Broccoli – another thing that needs harvesting soon. Problem is, it’s a small head (looks bigger in the pic), about enough for one person. And so far it’s the only one that’s even close to picking.

tiny zucchini on plant
Zucchini to be. Last year, contrary to reputation, two plants produced precisely one zucchini. This year I have three plants, so can I hope for two?

raised bed full of yellowing garlic tops
The garlic needs to come out shortly, opening up that bed for fall crops I may or may not have time to plant. If I do, it’ll be kale, beets, broccoli, lettuce, and cilantro.

pale purple flower
Desiree potatoes blooming. Note that flowering of potatoes is not an indicator of production. The past couple of years our potatoes have bloomed robustly and produced badly. This year we’re trying growbags for a hopefully less lousy result.

yellow daffodils

I believe this is the first time I’ve actually had daffodils blooming at (before!) the Spring Equinox. Freaky. Compare to last March, in which nothing was blooming outside. Compare further to last April, which is what this March looks like.

single white snowdrop flower with green trim
Snowdrops have been up for a couple of weeks.

cluster of yellow crocuses
Crocuses, looking like they did in April 2011.

green shoots of chive emerging from leaf litter
In the herb garden, chives coming along well. Other herb action: winter savory, catnip, mint, oregano, and parsley. No sign of the tarragon yet.

closeup of head of curly kale
Last year the kale survived because of thick snow cover. This year it survived because it never really got cold.

wide view of mulched bed with lots of green shoots
Last fall I planted about 100 bulbs in this bed in front of the house.

green, clustered hyacinth bud deep inside leaves
Hyacinth bud.

cluster of reddish buds on honeysuckle
The honeysuckle is getting ready to bloom. Looks like it’ll be in flower when the hummingbirds get here.

raised bed full of green shoots of garlic
The garlic bed pleases me.

I also have kale, onions, cabbage, broccoli, eggplant, and impatiens started inside under lights. Peas, radishes, and spinach to be direct-sown this weekend.