dark pink new england aster
September is aster month

dark pink new england aster
New England aster peeking through fence, switchgrass seed heads behind

fluffy white clematis flowers
Sweet autumn clematis, a vigorous (dread!) vine. I hack it back viciously several times a year in the vague hope of killing it, but it always springs back.

semi-closed yellow primrose flower
Evening primrose, a wild seedling. Flowers stay closed during the day, whence evening.

viburnum nudum with pink berries
My viburnum nudum is now full of berries. Flowers previously shown here. The berries start white-green, then gradually turn pink, then blue-purple.

closeup of viburnum nudum pink berry cluster
Closeup of the berries.

ornamental switchgrass, green with some red striping
A switchgrass, new this year. This variety is supposed to have red fall coloration, which you can just see starting at the tips.

deep red nasturtium flower

closeup of pink rose
Rose is putting on a second flush of blooms.

yellow goldenrod with hosta and pink impatiens in background
Wreath goldenrod, solidago caesia, another wild seedling. Have tons of this and am encouraging it to spread.

stem with many blue-purple aster flowers and buds
I believe this is heart-leaf aster, symphotrichum cordifolium. It’s another wildflower that I’m encouraging. I’ve got lots, and there’s an amazing variation in color. This one is by far the purplest. Others are nearly white.

closer view of asters