two purple coneflowers
The orange centers are the best part.

fading white flowers of clethra alnifolia
Clethra alnifolia, or summersweet. Best thing I planted this year, it has a lovely fragrance and was absolutely covered in bees.

scarlet runner bean flowers
Scarlet runner bean flowers. No sign of beans yet.

black eyed susans
Black eyed susans. Hopefully will reseed themselves for next year.

purple balloon flowers, one unopened, and seed pods
I think this is a balloon flower.

pale purple spike shaped flower with wasp
Not sure what this is, either. Maybe obedient plant?

several chamomile flowers
Chamomile still going strong.

tiny pink switchgrass flowers
Switchgrass in bloom. I’m becoming increasingly fond of native grasses.

yellow goldenrod flowers
Early goldenrod. Finishing up now, and there are buds on the autumn goldenrods.

pink double flowered rose of sharon
Double-flowered rose of sharon. Not native, but pretty and the bees like it.