daisy-like chamomile flowers growing in pots
My chamomile is blooming. Need to figure out how to make tea with it.

blue-eyed grass
Blue-eyed grass, sisyrinchium angustifolium. The camera wouldn’t focus on the flower unless my hand was in the background.

pink rose blossom
Following drastic pruning at the direction of father-in-law, the unknown rose is blooming.

lavender bush with lots of flowers
Lots of lovely lavender. What shall I do with it all?

yellow tomato flowers
Tomatoes! About half of my plants have flowers on them now.

fine white viburnum flower
Viburnum nudum Brandywine, new this year. I can’t take credit, it came with the buds already on it.

Not chamomile, weedy pretty daisies.

white mountain laurel flower
The mountain laurel is almost done.

And for memories’ sake, the chives, irises, and peonies all bloomed and went between last month’s pictures and today.

Oh, and the multiflora rose is blooming, joy.