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daisy-like chamomile flowers growing in pots
My chamomile is blooming. Need to figure out how to make tea with it.

blue-eyed grass
Blue-eyed grass, sisyrinchium angustifolium. The camera wouldn’t focus on the flower unless my hand was in the background.

pink rose blossom
Following drastic pruning at the direction of father-in-law, the unknown rose is blooming.

lavender bush with lots of flowers
Lots of lovely lavender. What shall I do with it all?

yellow tomato flowers
Tomatoes! About half of my plants have flowers on them now.

fine white viburnum flower
Viburnum nudum Brandywine, new this year. I can’t take credit, it came with the buds already on it.

Not chamomile, weedy pretty daisies.

white mountain laurel flower
The mountain laurel is almost done.

And for memories’ sake, the chives, irises, and peonies all bloomed and went between last month’s pictures and today.

Oh, and the multiflora rose is blooming, joy.

Belated and bare, but I wanted to get it out there. June coming soon! (poet know it etc)

closeup of yellow daffodil with white center
Wow, wacky to think that daffodils were only a month ago

red columbine flower
Aquilegia canadensis

lilac blooms
The lilacs were finishing up. It was a good year for lilacs, probably because I’m in the middle of a three year pruning plan, and the plant has been stimulated.

yellow tulips bent over
The last few tulips were blooming.

zizia bloom and foliage
The new zizia I got at Garden in the Woods. I also started some from seed and planted the babies. It’ll be a few years before they’re this big.

half-emerged chive flower
Bustin’ out

uvularia sessifolia bloom plus insect
Is that a wasp?

purple geranium maculatum flowers
Geranium maculatum

red tulip supercloseup
Tulips in the woods. Need to move these.

pink rhododendron blossoms
The pink rhodies were blooming.

lonicera sempervirens buds
The trumpet honeysuckle was about to bloom. It’s all done now.

solomon's seal flowers
Solomon’s seal.

tree trunk

tree crown with dead branches
Notice the various branches that have not leafed out.

bark peeling away from base of tree
Bark could be pulled off in sheets, by hand.

tree worker being raised up into tree
Up he goes.

tree worker using chain saw raising a cloud of sawdust
Vrrm. Surprisingly the toddler slept through it.

large limb just sawn off
It’s away!

limb being craned away
Being lowered to the street (this is actually a different limb from the above).

the main trunk being craned away
The main trunk now going. We had this part sawed into fireplace length. Still need to get it split.

the area after the tree has been removed

More afternoon sun now, which will be good for my new foundation garden.