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icicles on forsythia

view from backdoor with snow
There’s 18″ on the ground, and even three days after the storm snow is still sticking to the trees.

buried rhododendrons
The rhododendrons are bowed over with snow.

tracks on the snow
Tracks (squirrel?) leading toward the bird feeder (behind me as I took the pic). Also, you can maybe see the snapped branch on the lilac in the background.

closeup of bird suet
Here’s a closeup of the suet cakes I made before Christmas. They’re mainly made of peanut butter, cornmeal, and lard, with pumpkin seeds and dried cranberries mixed in.

forsythia buds
The promise of bloom to come: buds on the forsythia.

bay tree
Moving inside for something green: my bay tree is doing well in the unheated, south-facing entryway.

rosemary closeup
The rosemary’s also looking healthy in the same location.

bay tree closeup
Think green thoughts…

johnnys seed box
…and plan for Spring.

Seen in our yard:


Sadly, none are frequent except for the ubiquitous non-native cabbage white that eats my kale.

Other Bugs
Loads, as yet unclassified. Honeybees, bumblebees, yellowjackets, worms, spiders….


  • squirrel
  • chipmunk
  • woodchuck
  • coyote
  • rabbit
  • white-tailed deer

Reptiles and Amphibians


It’s December, and all the leaves are gone.
bare trees

No snow yet, but cold enough for December
leaf encased in ice

But even in December green things are still growing…

Unknown moss
macro moss

Young eastern white pine, caught in the wind
white pine caught in the wind

Tiny mountain laurel, planted this year
tiny mountain laurel

Red lowbush blueberry stems peeking out from leaf litter
lowbush blueberry stems

The veg garden is mostly done, but the kale’s still putting on new leaves
winterbor kale

Looking up from my back door
bare trees