It’s garden bloggers’ bloom day, wherein garden bloggers post pics of whatever’s blooming in their gardens on the 15th of each month. These aren’t all blooms since that misses out too much interesting stuff.

New England asters
new england asters

Red mum from one of those nursery pots
red macro mum

Sedum Autumn Joy. Less bloom and more seed head now.
autumn sedum

Wreath goldenrod and blue wood aster. They grow wild around here and make a pretty combination which I plan to encourage.
combination of wreath goldenrod and blue wood aster at the woodland edge

Blue wood aster close-up.
blue wood aster closeup

Wreath goldenrod close-up.
wreath goldenrod closeup

Now into the woods. Most of the trees haven’t colored yet. Virginia creeper is showing, though.
red virginia, lichen on a rock

More virginia creeper, plus fungus on a log.
virginia creeper, log fungus