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Here’s a plant I definitely want for the garden:

This is purple milkweed, asclepias pupurascens. It’s an endangered species in Massachusetts. I took this pic in the rare plants area at Garden in the Woods. Although endangered, it looks like it’s possible it get purple milkweed commercially, at least as seed. One day, if I have my way, a bunch of these will replace one of my many stands of orange daylilies.

You may remember that a few weeks ago I noticed a black swallowtail in the garden. Well, today we have this:

It’s a baby black swallowtail caterpillar. Hopefully it’ll survive the birds long enough to get to the chrysalis stage.

Look at these lush leaves!

What plant is it that’s made such gorgeous growth?

It’s my pathetic radishes, that’s what.

I’ve had pretty poor success with radishes. These particular ones are supposed to be watermelon radishes, white on the outside and pink on the inside. I’ve had them from my farm share, so I know they grow for somebody. But both last year and this they’ve produced huge lovely tops and tiny woody roots. And they were already starting to go to seed, so I know they weren’t going to get bigger. I wonder why this happens? Anyway, pulled them all out yesterday, which should make room for the expansion of the tomato.

In other news, the pea flowers noted previously have now begun turning into these: